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Donate  •  August 03, 2019

Ovi | 2.0

The entire web site is being undergone through refactoring processes under the principle "functional meets beauty", i.e. more features are being added and less resources they are consuming owing to multiple deep optimisations. So, if you will not be able to open or download something, then this might be the answer for it. I never close the web site for reconstructions, so you can still browse in live version the way it is :)

Home  •  February 27, 2019

Delight Custom Firmwares

The best CFW for your Nokia smart-phones ever, for 808 PureView it currently supports English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Finnish, Russian, Czech, Polish, Slovenian, Chinese (both Traditional & Simplified), Arabic, Bulgarian, Greek and Vietnamise; more languages by request.

Read more  •  December 21, 2018


This small hosting was created in order to prolong life of legendary Nokia smartphones by patching and redirecting hosts in Delight CFWs. Learn more ...


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