Delight CFW new Preview Releases


>>> This is a home of Delight CFW new releases guarantee! <<<

The best CFW for your Nokia 808 PureView ever, currently supports English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Czech and Polish; more languages by request.

Photo by Osenok

Based on the original Delight CFWs created by huellif, freaxs_r_us, and nicesoni_ash (

Further modifications and adaptations are carried out by me unless stated otherwise. 😅

Additional contributor - Aleks (Facebook or VKontakte) - without him you wouldn't have seen updates for N8 and E7! 😜


>>> Download <<<

Nokia 808 PureView Delight v1.7 "Preview Release" En/Ru by default

Nokia C7-00 Delight v6.5 "Quick Update" En/Ru only

Nokia E7-00 Delight v1.2 "(+ Russian)" En/Ru dual set

Nokia N8-00 Delight v6.6 "(+ Russian)" En/Ru dual set

For discussion, please head for this Facebook timeline:

Other discussion places: All About Symbian and Symbian-Developers.


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>>> General Notes <<<

These updated versions retain almost all of the goodies that were available in the previous latest releases. As an example of it, owing to the presence of three different themes and widget packs at once, Delight exhibits trifacial nature:
* Nokia Evolve - this is the default grey FP2 theme.
* Delight by Lao Stia - a beautiful semi-transparent theme made in classical style.
* Evolve Qt 3 FP2 by SLAYER33 - that is a Refresh / FP1 black theme for the lovers of the colour concerned.

Firmware files were not repartitioned since the previous releases (i.e. partition sizes are left intact). Therefore you can mix them limitedly (see below...).

The new Delight for Nokia N8 and E7 comes only with 2 languages: English and Russian (for translation to your language, you may try your luck in enquiring Aleks). Experimental Delight update for C7-00 is also bilingual (En/Ru), there are no plans to expand it for so long... Default boot language is set to English, of course. 😋


>>> Main Changes from the Previous Version (Nokia 808 PureView-oriented) <<<



- Support for custom language ROFS by request. Note: old ROFS2 are compatible no more!

- Added or updated a couple of extra ROMPatcher+ patches; not needed ones were removed.

- Added Qt IAP components.

- Added MemSpy, the most powerful and hard-core task manager for Symbian that you have ever seen, because it was made by Nokia Corporation to help developers!

- MicroSD card in notification bar and camera custom resolutions are obligatory mods now.

- Removed My Nokia. It is not needed on FP2 firmware.

- Privacy policy and Product improvement are wiped away from Settings.

- Added Python 2.2.2 and 2.5.4 with extra modules (appuifw2 v.1.0.1 by Arkadiusz Wahlig and powlite fm v.1.3 touch by WyTHuK). You can launch Python scripts directly from the built-in file manager owing to RunPy and Pyrecog by No.2.

- Charging Led Red is more intense now.

- Calls are recorded in AAC format by default.

- Exposed all hidden system shortcuts.

- FM Transmitter waiting time is extended to 10 min.

- GPS data green icon to match Maps widget.

- Removed non-working Places nearby widget.

- Changed the date of the first launch - Merry Xmas :)

- Removed some unneeded files.

- Transparent elements for a better navigation in Maps. Thanks to Marc for his suggestion!

- Added localisations for winRAR.

- Added ScreenGrabber, an excellent screenshot program created by Nokia Corporation and designed for developers.


- Sound Improvement v3.5 by ExtraX7. Anna equaliser and loudness mod are now working from C drive with ROMPatcher+ patch.

- Small profiles widget with custom graphics. Credits go to ICE GAME.

- Top bar colours above native and QtQuick applications. Note: white colour will persist over Qt applications with custom QML files, for instance SIStore!

- Java permissions mod, exclusively fully adapted for FP2.

- Offline queries are fully or partially disabled for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and FmTx. Thanks to CODeRUS for the first patch.

- USB OTG pop-ups patch (another thanks to ExtraX7).

- Colour gamma of mobile data tracker widget in Delight style.

- Ability to change user agent of the built-in Web Browser via Delight App.


- Delight App v1.5 - and Happy New Year :)

- 2G/3G Toggle, Contact, Offline, RSS Feed, Silent, and Visual Bookmark Homescreen widgets got updated to v21.0.36

- Email widget updated to v3.6.5

- VoIP Audio Service v2.3.1

- Delight and Evolve Qt themes - they were made more beautiful.

- Menu matrix.


- MIFEditor is now ad-free from the first launch and is shown in menu.

- Nagging pop-up in ROMPatcher is accurately disabled. Thanks to Jazzfusion for finding out.

- Added stub files for all embedded applications.

- Restored occasionally lost before Delight v1.5 files, e.g. factory skin of notes widget.

- Added missing textures for old Xplore-like programs: integer side-bar and progress bar.

- Patched hosts in Map Loader and Internet Radio. Many thanks to Marc for helping with Map Loader.

- Repaired downloads through Nokia Mobile Dictionary application.

- Removed non-working Nokia's GPS server and added the one from Google.

- Converter resources: now words don't superimpose.

- Music Delight widget skin now bears half-transparent base. This is useful for white album covers.

- Fixed some bugs.

Widget skins:

- Base by Mahindar + partial amalgamation with framed square glass by Achambo + my Crazy style. You will like them for sure.

Translation fixes:

- Profiles module.



- Added missing ROMPatcher+ patches and their additional resources.

- Added Belle icon mods for several apps, plus slightly edited Delight and Evolve Qt themes.

- Restored original equaliser settings (because modded equaliser in Delight is too loud for me).

- Maximally safely and completely removed Nokia Store. No more Store icon in the Widgets menu as well as Videos app redirects to YouTube now. All credits go to me and Aleks.

- Removed Nokia Sync, SW Update and Tips & Tricks - they are not needed anymore.

- Completely removed outdated version of Nokia Car Mode from the ROM. Now you can install the latest version of Car Mode (v.2.0.28) or Car Mode with MirrorLink, if you need to...

- Removed all non-working sharing plugins from Gallery (Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and YouTube). As long as their reparation requires both newer provider APIs and Nokia's source code, no fixes will come for them. Sorry... 😌

- Nonworking Guides is fully swept and edited Maps widget (now it has Map Loader instead of Guides).


- Camera Image and Video Resolution and Quality mod finally comes to Delight! Many thanks to Osenok and Timoxa_ for creating different parts of this mod that does not break PureView zooming and brings all the potential of Nokia camera! Please view Readme for more information.

- Restored Internet Connection Popup (just like in PR 1.0 or 1.1, thanks to ExtraX7). Now you will be instantly notified which connection (either 3G or WLAN) has initiated the internet connection right on your home screen. WARNING: if you want to use DLNA play app, you must disable this mod via Delight App!

- MicroSD Card icon is shown in the notification bar by default (when inserted on your device). Thanks to Kriztian96 for his hint. If this mod is pestering you, take a control of it with Delight App. Then restart your phone and the MicroSD icon must be removed from your phone's status bar.

- Added Battery mod by Rafael Lopez. Get more true status and extend the battery life for a little bit longer!

- Modification of the standard boot screen by carpenter's son. When loading, the Nokia logo appears, followed by the load indicator ("points").

- Emerald green battery indicator above Symbian native C++ apps and the white one over QtQuick apps. Please note that battery indicator might disappear from time to time. This is absolutely normal behaviour for modded avkon containing a raster element, just switch over to another app and it will be restored again.


- SSL certificates (SHA-1, SHA-2, and the intermediate ones). Now the persistent requests for their acceptance are reduced considerably. Thanks to Tigrakhaud for his effort.

- Delight App v.1.4.1. Now AutoStart Manager works perfectly from ROM. 😁

- Updated X-plore to the latest version 1.64. AllFiles mod now goes with Belle skin by Simograndi.


- Fixed Limited WLAN Connectivity bug by adding working test connection server.

- Default browser bookmarked link to Symbian Store is now unbroken and leads to SIStore! Facebook link is repaired as well.

- Repaired Connectivity Analyzer (Get Host By Name module). Now you will get true network status.

- Fixed minor issues and rare battery drain bug. 🐞

- Considerably improved stability of the whole firmware. 😉

Widget skins:

- Semi-transparent Delight toggles now bear red switches (ported from framed square glass widgets). New switchers are overlaid with the old ones, so you can edit colour to any you want to, without fear of corruption of the upper layer...


Note: Change-logs for Nokia N8, E7 and C7 do not differ that much from the 808's one (maybe except for Camera and something else what is inappropriate for N8 or E7) and could be also found within Delight App.


>>> Pre- and Post-Setup <<<

Despite these Preview Releases have been running smoothly and without any problems in several independent cases so far, the first and the foremost thing I want to let you know is that by downloading and installing these cooked firmwares, you agree that only you take full responsibility for any damages it might cause (for example, by improper flashing, general misusing or whatever). Please be aware that this is mostly a "nightly" build in direct sense! 😴

If you use only the English language in your everyday life, then you do not need to take care about this step. Skip instantly to the next one please. It is possible to add additional keyboard languages. Just download writing files set (ROFS3's of previous Delight versions) in your language from Delight Custom Firmwares website and overwrite the .rofs3.fpsx file before flashing. It is not plausible to add interface languages by yourself... If you will ignore this warning and do it at your own peril and risk, many functions might stop working and general phone misbehaviour could be noticed.

Important thing! Before flashing, it won't be bad if you back up settings of 3rd party programs. Please click here to access a comprehensive flashing guide.

If you are going to use Delight for the first time, you must flash via Refurbish.
When coming from the previous Delight releases (works for all 808, E7, N8 and C7, don't worry), you have two options. Normally these newer releases require hard-reset / refurbish (well, this could be the last time you will have to restore all your content). But the possibility to flash via Software update without UDA also works (though you will have some deep leftovers in the latter case; nevertheless, they do not affect the whole system performance).
In any case, an updater script will appear after the first boot (otherwise you must call it from Delight App), which will guide you through the rest of the process. Your phone might restart several times...

After you finally set up this firmware on your phone, you might be interested in downloading 3rd party items. Please check the Symbian Store section... Then feel free to open the built-in web browser and install SIStore! and AppList (both are bookmarked). You can download almost any item of your interest from there. Backgrounds for Delight Belle could be downloaded here.

The following apps are incompatible (in broad sense) with any version of Delight:
TweakS - never ever use this app on Delight CFW unless you want to refurbish your phone!
MifLover, SetFont, and other pointless bloatware by Symbian Zone VK community - no, you cannot use them on Delight.
iDecompress - installable and thus usable only after removal of RecognizerRAR plugin from the installation package.

Some widgets still need Joshlog (iChris) patch or flashing: all email and bookmarks, and most contacts widgets. Do not forget: Joshlog is heavy on RAM and after the hard reset your phone might not boot up!

If you use your Nokia phone as a secondary one and mostly without SIM card, then in order to fully get rid of queries for using Wi-Fi in Offline mode, you will need to deactivate Internet Connection Popup via Delight App.


>>> A few words about Delight exclusive online services <<<

By installing new updated Delight CFW, you can enjoy the following privileges:
* Stable internet connection during the all-time owing to 24/7 working IC check-up server.
* Download dictionaries for Nokia Mobile Dictionary app the way you used to do it before.
* Download Ovi maps via Map Loader! In order to do that, please contact me (you can find contact information at the end of this page) and tell which country or region you need; and in my turn, I will upload it to the hosting. Please, stay away from asking me to upload maps larger than 750 MB (for example, if you want to download the entire Europe or US map) as I will not be able to fulfil your wish with this small hosting.
Alternate solution: please head for Marc's website and follow the instructions there (steps 1, 2 and 4 only).
* For the future, you can browse stations through Nokia Internet Radio. A complete back-end is not ready yet, so it will depend on both my mood + free time and your needs...


>>> About Delight App <<<

Delight App is a little exclusive tool, which is written in Qt, Symbian C++, MiniCMD (for the logic), QtQuick, JavaScript (for the UI) and HTML (for the changelogs and FAQs) and working on Delight only, because of the MiniCMD integration and multiple CFW configs and settings.

The app has been growing over the time and gets more and more features in:
* Extras - the main functions of Delight App are here. This menu is split into several sub-functions:
Classic Resolver - which is a copy of the original MiniCMD Resolver.
My own MiniCMD - a little scripting "framework" for Symbian.
Reboot the phone - will reboot your phone on a clean and safe way.
* Selector - Which lets you switching between different settings or setting up configs.
* Tools - Brings you even more advanced tweaks.
* Updater - It manually launches the known Updater dialog / script which starts automatically after a CFW update flash.
* Backup / Restore - Launches the backup / restore tools, you can read their FAQ via a long tap.

Further reading: About Delight App.
You can check for updates at Symbian Store section or through SIStore!


>>> Included ROMPatcher+ patches <<<


>>> Some screenshots I would like to show you <<<


>>> Open Points <<<

Despite now it is fashionable to use a spoof user agent for the built-in Nokia web browser; I decided to abstain of performing such modification in the default settings. When you open certain websites with modified user agent, you may be "kindly" forced to download their clients for "pail" or "core" instead of viewing the relevant content. In order to avoid that, one browser should be with the native user agent by default - Nokia web browser. But if you want to watch YouTube videos in real-time via this browser, then open Delight App, go to Selector -> User agent and press Change user agent. Then go back to the web browser. Viola, it's magic, isn't it?

When you try to set up mailbox for the first time, it will not work that easy. Please download Mailbox Creator to do it at least at this stage.

Even if some open points still exist, and "Delight isn't dead yet", this might be the latest though unofficial version of Delight ever! Remember: this is not a modern "flagship" with official support, but the "veteran" with extended user support (free and published). Such secrets are like a highlight of the device... 🤔


>>> In conclusion <<<

For full list of credits, pay attention to Delight Custom Firmwares blog and/or find them within Delight App.

If you want to release any portion of this thread to a forum or blog you know, then please only with the direct links to Delight Custom Firmwares website and statement of my full name! Moreover, from now on, you can post this superb CFW mod on any source you want to - I'm waiving all previous black-listed restrictions. We are all humans anyway... 😊

Whenever you want support or to support, feel free to contact me :)