We are a small and independent website :)

The first and the foremost thing here you should know is that this small hosting was created in order to prolong life of legendary Nokia smartphones by patching and redirecting hosts in Delight CFWs to fully solve limited WLAN connectivity issue, repair Mobile Dictionary, and partially bring Map Loader, Internet Radio, and other firmware components round. As a matter of fact, I act solely on basis and interests of other fans like me, who share the same passion but do not have programming skills though, thus keeping this door permanently open for them.

Taking into consideration the above-mentioned paragraph, I had no intentions to create this site being suitable for exhibitions or in order to attract a female audience. Therefore, if you are a sales agent and you are interested purely in monetary purposes by making my site better at some cheap prices, please DO NOT contact me about this because you WILL NOT receive any reply. This site is not intended to be certified for perfection! Though there is quite solid restricted back-end present on this server, which might win a tiny prize on a minute competition :)

Nevertheless, if you are sharing the same interests as me, and you want to contribute something in development of this website in any way, you are welcome to drop me an email or contact by any other means.


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P.S. I also maintain SIStore! This is a tienda (app store), developed for anyone who is still user of a phone with the latest versions of Symbian.