Ovi Proxy - what's that, and what does it do?

It is a web-based utility serving for a purpose to allow surfing the Internet in more powerful and efficient ways from old devices. This proxy works within a web browser of your own choice and requires no additional software to be installed on the phone. The most helpful thing in such a proxy is complete portability since it can be accessed from anywhere at any time!

Ovi Proxy works in an ingeniously simple manner. First of all, it accepts an URL from your web browser. Then the proxy fetches its contents and forwards them back to you. But this happens only after making some specific alterations, usually ensuring the site to be far more responsive :)

So what's next?

Let's take a look at Wikipedia page, which cannot be opened on Nokia phones anymore with the current setup. Even though it might be possible to unlock certain websites by using updated SSL certificates and changed User Agent, these days web applications tend to identify browsers more intricately, making previously known roundabouts a thing of the past. Hence, another powerful solution is required.

In this example, I explore two web browsers: NokiaBrowser v8.3.2.21 and Opera Mobile v12.00.2258

Ovi Proxy exploits the power of PHP to transform the content, especially fitting it for legacy compatibilities. Besides Symbian, in theory, it should also work out with other operating systems such as BlackBerry, Windows Mobile / Phone, Bada, Palm, morally obsolete versions of Android or iOS, etc.

When may Ovi Proxy come handier?

Some browsers come already powered with their intermediary servers. A good example would be compression proxy of Opera Mini and UC Browser, which is always enabled and cannot be turned off (that is the idea of those browsers). While Opera Mini and UC Browser proxies intended to provide support in tackling with a tremendous number of websites, that function often entails content distortions. Such issues are as incorrect page markup, image size or position, disabled JavaScript, unresponsiveness to complicated forms, partial HTML content loss, etc. Moreover, these browsers are notorious in putting annoying ads in-between.

Ovi Proxy is forever ad-free and has nothing to do with compression; its initial aim is to return rich web content as high as possible. Therefore, if your mobile data plan does not require traffic saving, Ovi Proxy will provide you with flawless support for the same sites as Opera Mini or UC Browser will do!

By its nature, Ovi Proxy is an anonymous (level 2) DCH proxy. In spite of its primary assignment was not meant for this, Ovi Proxy can be used to bypass various kinds of web filters to unblock your favourite sites. This proxy does not reveal your IP address to a server, so you can also use it for anonymous surfing.

Which things should I be aware of before I start using it?

 •  Ovi Proxy instructs web browsers to store the data on your device, meaning that you can open a sequence of web pages through one proxy per session.

 •  Some search providers can be resistant to proxying in various pre-setups. For example, you cannot proxy Google on Nokia Browser. If that happens, please begin your session by inputting a different search engine address (as Yahoo or Bing) in the proxy start bar.

 •  Ovi Proxy is dedicated to returning content as close to original as possible. If you use the built-in web browser in Delight, you will be able to retrieve HTML / CSS / Flash / PHP / conventional JS content without many troubles. For other browsers and different operating systems, please refer to their technical standards.

 •  It does not make sense to proxy pages which are very heavily relied on recent versions of JavaScript, for instance, Instagram. As long as there is no efficient JS to HTML converter exist, Ovi Proxy will not be able to return readable for old devices content.

 •  Ovi Proxy is available 24/7 and quite fast in operation. If a webpage loads very slow, this will be more likely the reason of the page size and complicacy of its scripts - the heavier webpage is, the slower it will be loaded on old devices.

 •  Individual requests may cause the browser to crash. In this case, please try switching to other web browsers. If the problem persists, the only thing you can do is searching for a similar web page.

 •  Ovi Proxy service is available to Delight donators only. Support Ovi project and get your credentials to access ovi.h1n.ru/proxy. If you think you had already given support and did not receive an email, please contact me.

 •  Very important: never make purchases while on the proxy! I also strongly suggest not to log in critical accounts. Remember - everything is breakable; it is only a matter of time and efforts to put. You can surely have confidence in me, but you never know what others are currently doing. Maybe those 'others' are highly inventive guys, mastering their so unusual hobbies in retrieving sensitive information...